As a Matter of Fractal

>>Metaphoric Mathematical Marketing <<

Fractals led to innovating keys to mysterious relationships between mass and functionality in math/geometry/science. What was once difficult to measure, was translated into a way of formulating clarity around direction.

Much like 'Social Media' when it burst onto the scene, everyone liked it, needed it, and wanted to utilize it, all while seeking to hone in on strategic focus/vision in relation to the platform. It is a piece of a puzzle, to create a refined picture. Instead of 'hidden nebulous dimensions', Social Media began as the 'fractals' of a fictional world, then transitioned into a non-fiction reality utilized constantly for greater purpose/interaction.

I relate discovering such insights to how marketing/branding/advertising has utilized various platforms to realize\understand behavior\\decisions\\patterns of people in relation to products + services.

Also, learning more about relationships between two or more entities to formulate theories/approaches to energize new methods of data collection, as well as new design are interesting as our 'new media' world of Coding\\Graphics\\Mobile\\Social Media, and related.

How our thoughts, objects, and decisions are made as individuals, and also as crowds, can be shown to not merely be chaotic, but presented in a diagnostic manner that makes sense! By way of fractals, scientists can measure the patterns of trees in a forest that may seem random, but show the relationship of interaction amongst the trees, but also how it breathes/engages CO2 processes. A designer of clothing can utilize innovative patterns on apparel via fractals (not only for their shapes, but for the process at which it is implemented in manufacturing). Like measuring fractals, Social Media can make sense of the random patterns of 'likes' on facebook, measure site hits, Crowds/Communities, and various trends. In both cases, it eliminates the noise, and validates the purpose of various movements/shifts.

We can see these patterns through the various distributions of frequencies, and understanding + navigating Brand Environments + Experiences. What may be perceived as random, can be shown to have structure, in tandem with value. As "Consumer Insights" and engaging participation are to Social Media, "Geometrical Insights" are to innovating ideas and relationships to Mathematics.

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