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Calling all Community Driven Leaders and Friends!

As we are in economically challenging times, now more than ever we need to get involved. Company layoffs, financial losses, unemployment, foreclosures, hunger, and other basic needs are becoming larger issues. We need to connect as a community and make positive impact together. Whether it’s our time, money, or donations, it is our duty to get involved. I am reaching out to you because I believe in our mission, and together we can make a difference!

I introduce to you a way to make that difference with “community driven | positive impact”, heartprints, an approved non-profit focused on making impact through our focus areas of Mentoring | Jobs | Outreach. We amplify our efforts through our volunteers, donors, partners, and projects for sustainable change in our communities.

Our efforts assist the lives of youth and families who are in need of support to live a successful life. We bridge the gaps by connecting our efforts with shelters, schools, churches and related organizations. Improving lives by assisting needs around mentoring, education, jobs, leadership, and opportunities locally and globally.

heartprints initiatives
heartprints project Mentoring and tutoring youth in shelters and schools, helped over 1000 students increase performance is 10% (one letter grade). Provided educational opportunities by giving tickets to over 500 youth and families to the Freedom Center, Cincinnati Zoo, Reds, Cincinnati Museum Center, and the Cincinnati Art Museum to share a few of our generous supporters.
CincyJobSpace Our re-employment initiative to provide job, resource, and guidance. Over 3000 opportunities shared, connected with over 350 people for career and leadership goals through mentoring.
“Coffee With A Cause!” Partnered with Crimson Outreach to improve our reach globally by improving the standard of living, jobs, and education in La Ceiba, Honduras through our partnership with local schools and also coffee farmers. Supported the building of 3 homes, a water pump, and school. Through the heartprints project, we provide basic needs such as food, water, clothes, and school supplies to verified and trusted contacts through international outreach in Ghana, Nigeria, Honduras, and the Central African Republic.
Think!! Campaign Mentor and tutor youth, and members of the prison system to eliminate vicious cycles such as violence against women, and other negative decision making. We strive to improve accountability, leadership, and decision making through the awareness and consequences of one’s decisions. Due to more than 35% of youth that were clients of the shelter system seeing the inside of a jail cell one or more times in their life, we felt this was a relevant partner to have with our mentoring in schools and shelters.

We are in need of your support, and invite participation through volunteering and donations!

Donation Needs
• Educational Supplies pens, pencils, art supplies, crayons, backpacks, calculators, music instruments, sporting equipment, paper, notebooks, folders, vouchers, computers, tickets to venues, books
• Clothes t-shirts, pants, school uniforms (belts, pants, shirts), shoes, coats/gloves/hats, vouchers
• Health Products soap, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste/brushes, diapers, toilet paper
• Food non-perishable items (multigrain, cereal, oatmeal, rice, water, healthy snacks, soup, canned goods)
• Other Monetary giving, job opportunities and training, scholarships, higher education, basic medicine, homes

To learn more about us and how to get involved, we invite you to visit us at I look forward to collaborating together in some manner to inspire true change through our outreach. Let us know how we can be of service and value to your initiatives. We appreciate your time, support, and community driven spirit tremendously!

Brian Siegel
Founder and Chief Giving Officer


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