If you finished the 'slogan line', Viagra Marketing has done a great job! Viva Commercials - They're clearly creating touch points on the middle aged or above demographic, and also connect with diversity by having actors of various ethnicity's to expand their audience. They also have utilized pop culture with the Elvis song, "Viva Las Vegas" like sounds for their jingle clearly creating a memorable "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas- like" memorable ad for Viagra.

They have their actors playing instruments in a band, emphasizing most male's youth like dreams of being rock stars. The band is all of guys smiling, like Smiling Bob, happy, with friends, energetic, in shape, and exceeding normal happiness levels. I can't tell if they want the ads to be humorous, or if they genuinely want us to believe a pill creates a utopian happiness? You decide, I do after I laugh every time I see the commercial, especially around family, or around strangers in restaurants waiting to see their reactions. How do you respond or absorb the message?

One thing is for certain, their product/position is the market leader, and their message connects to consumers as well as the brand. The blue pill is the standard, part of out culture, and certainly identified with what its purpose is for. Gotta love the side effects and warnings!

Blue Pill Notice and Warning - this blog nor I support or endorse usage or have a position on utilizing of such products. I merely seek to provide information related to marketing and awareness of such business examples, and provide a creative perspective on such items. Side effects may include humor, laughing, or even insight. According to site, product may cause nights of lack of sleep and intense activity.


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