The Pitch is Dead

"Pitch" anything in 15 seconds

The above is a good guide on what to focus on while striving to stimulate the mental gymnastics properly during human driven interaction, for best results. The long story skinny from what I digested is listed below. 

1.) Simple messaging emphasizing the essence/gift your offering.

2.) Share 3 key benefits.

3.) Reinforce with compelling/short story (in a "context, action, result" format)

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The old ways of doing things are dead. The traditional "pitch" will still work, but to wow and dazzle your audience who seeks the gifts you offer need to be adjusted. Meetings now are more about earning trust, protecting a client's brand, and driving (sustainable) engagement. My positioning is that you should already have won the business before entering the room to share how you're going to drive relationship and positive experience, in refreshingly compelling ways, with a client. Not by talking at them, promising all kinds of shenanigans, stressing about RFP's/schedules/budget, but by resourcefully focusing in on how you're going to amplify the voice of their brand and its essence through the right channels, more than the rightly productive methods. Marketing is a huge responsibility. You encapsulate the ability to influence, change behavior, connect personally in folks lives, and the potential to grow their business's health, staff, pay, and more.

Leverage the intelligence shared here and think around ways you can connect with your constituents that is un-boring.  Don't pain them with powerpoints, listen fast, and provide a refreshingly compelling experience by way of delivering a story, brand promise (refined or with respectful spin), show them how interactive they can be with their brand (mock social media, mobile, application, web splash page, art and copy, etc.). 

You can gain much traction by being creative, plus - that's what they're hiring you for, to bring bread, butter, and creative to the table. Dinner isn't lively or vibrant if you simply show up and repeat what they say back to you. You, your team, and or agency need to infuse an interactive personality into your client's (and your) brand efforts. You can show this by how you speak, communicate, take the mundane and make them marvelous, as well as implement energizing manners into your integrity filled efforts.

I pronounce "the pitch is dead". What I define this as is that while extracting a meeting from a development list is commendable, striving to steal an account from a competing firm after months of hard work and meetings, calls, and the like - while it's great for you at times when an agency is failing to provide what a clients needs, you step in - then what? How will you be different? I say be relationship driven and focus on providing a positive experience. Differentiate yourself with the unique value notion that you're a true strategic partner (like an adjunct professor of sorts), listen faster than you speak - but bring relevant ideation aligned to a client's vision.  

Talking loudly, making the logo bigger, slapping words like "extreme" on your packaging, and neon glowing eye numbing colors are dead. Rather, talk with folks, make a logo that represents a brand in shape and text, be lovingly respectful yet compelling with your copy, and utilize colors that are relevant to the tone and essence of your brand - while balancing the quality of being entertaining. Leverage these skills in your pitch (apologies, the pitch is dead - we'll say client interaction for blogging sake). 

The way you dissect client work should be the way you approach a client engagement. Instead of focusing on "how can we win this account", "what will make us beat our competitor", etc. - focus on the instinct of what your client is saying, needs, and be true to that through your creative. Then, energize this via art, copy, campaign idea, media, and the like. It's amazing what simple, compelling, and simply compelling can do for your team. Of course, it doesn't take 15 seconds to formulate a game plan for entering a client's domain, but these tips can help.

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