Social Bleed-ia

Here, have a headache!

This isn't even the entire representation in any closeness to the number of social-media platforms to engage your brand voice with. Perhaps there's a way consolidate, have a one-stop access that would infiltrate all of these 'forms'/pages, or we could go old school and actually talk offline to each other.

Social interaction online, digital marketing, interactive campaigns, and creative connecting through the glowing mind-box of a computer or mobile device is similar to how the railroad changed transportation in the early 1900's for commerce. It drives connectivity, merchandising, amplifies voices, builds online friendships, energizes PR and marketing. We, Siegel Innovations, are paid to lead efforts through these channels, but they are not the end-all engine for the vehicle, but simply NOS for the ride.

We believe in genuinely authentic engagement, and social-media is a great medium to do so - as long as it is leveraged in relevantly respectful means. We got a headache thinking around how much is out there, how it's evolved, where it's going, and then took a breath - and realized, we'll just utilize facebook, twitter, and linkedin, ha. Kidding aside, there are many valuable tools to put in your toolbox, just use the right ones the right way. The good ol' "F" word... no silly, not that one or even "Friends", but "Focus". We can help.


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