Homeless For Half a Day - Day 4

Strategic Social Experiment - heartprints inc.

Day 4 is here. I am learning that as there are lots of services and assistance programs, to get them, wait in lines, and find out more information to make it happen can be challenging. Not because it is complicated, but because of the patience, paperwork, and choices you have to make as to what you should apply for.

So, last time I shared my back was hurting. In this scenario, what would you do if you needed a Dr.? I called Job and Family Services, and they gave me information for Buckeye Community Health Plan, AmeriGroup Community Care, and "A Consumer's Guide to Ohio's Medicaid Managed Care Program". You could also call them at (800)605.3040. I found out November 2009 is the "new open enrollment month. These types of programs allow for affordable co pays, as well as needed health services. It even may cover transportation to and from visits as needed, and qualified for.

I began to think, "I can bash our systems, or we can feel fortunate that systems like these exist". Although they are not perfect, at least we live in a country where we have access to such organizations and systems. It truly could be worse.

I am sad to think a lot of people need medical attention, have children that need to visit the Dr., and are fearful to do so due to cost. I can integrate what I am learning into the "heartprints help guide", and this inspires continued learning.



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