I am on a laptop, doing work, checking facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, and other social media channels, writing on a blog, have 12 web browsers up, talking on my blackberry via blue tooth & texting someone (while also have yahoo! email on phone going), have ipod going, and watching ESPN all at once.

I just looked outside & thought how beautiful nature is & I should go out & enjoy it. Wonderinghow we connected before all these incredible devices. Inspiring you to go from online to offline, genuinely & authentically connect via traditional means. Old school it, send a snail mail thank you card, have a face to face meeting with a friend, set up a lunch, go to someone's office to ask them kindly to assist you vs. sending impersonal emails... Implement no blackberry Fridays, lean up your distractions in life... These tools & resources allow for more productive flow & work, but if we could have that speed with traditional connection & relationship building, would we have more ROI?

Faster, better, more efficient, enhanced productivity = side effects/byproduct of gaps of quality, added stress, and 'worm-loop holes'? These communication & relationship/people driven channels are great, but are they also counter-intuitive/productive? What makes sense + fits for a healthy balance? Why do I express these thoughts yet have passion to leverage & utilize their abilities? You would not be able to view this/comment/share perspective without them as well... Interested in hearing your voice related to these comments, how you 'lean up' to be less 'consumed', and leverage & build these 'communities' or 'tribes'!

Back to 'consumed', ... irony & hypocracy : )

Happy Friday!!!


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