Top 5 Ways to Make Your Teeth Whiter

Okay, so the focus should be "top ways to make your teeth healthier", but we live in a vain society, so I titled it that in hopes to attract traffic, ha. Here are some ways, and remind you I am NOT a Dentist or Dr. so these are 'civilian', to get your teeth 'whiter'.

1.Smile more: Why you say, well, if you smile more, you not only convey a great message to the world that you're happy and inspire them to do that, but you may hear from the close ones in your life that you need to brush, whiten, or do something. It's counter intuitive, but it inspires feedback, almost a survey of sorts, ha

2.Brush when you wake up, brush before you go to bed. Use ample amount of quality toothpaste, and thoroughly reach all of your teeth, front/back/sides/gums/etc.
*note:Brush your tongue! Believe it or not, your tongue carries lots of 'dirt & germs', and can filter over to the teeth "yello-aging".

3.Get good whitner: This is the trend, they all have their good/bad/ugly, as well as cost a lot, but bleaching your teeth has proven to work. I don't know the long term affects, if any, but the side effect is whiter teeth. Just be consistent, make it worth your investement, and do your research.

4.Get a good brush, perhaps an automatic one (can get one for around $20, so not too bad), the good thing it is efficient, fast, productive, but you do have to purchase replacement heads.

5.Gum: get good gum, it helps your breath, cleans off dirt from all those cheetos, sandwhiches, pizza, etc. you have eaten. *note: do not chew gum during conversations, interviews, or while on the phone, it's rude and sends a message you 'don't care'. Plan your chewing accordingly, ha.


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