Healthy Foods?!


If you’re trying to clean up your diet, beware of some of the hidden health traps that might be stalling your progress. Since junk food is sometimes cleverly disguised as good for you, you may be sabotaging your gut with “health” foods. Watch out for these imposters.

Sushi: Though Japanese food is typically pretty clean, white rice is filled with sugar, and too much of it can be as bad for you as eating a bag of marshmallows. Get the mood-boosting benefits of omega-3s by opting for the fish alone, sashimi style.

Granola bars: High in fiber, granola bars can be a great snack to stash for a 3 p.m. boost. But read your labels to make sure you’re getting an energy boost, not a blood-sugar rush from high-fructose corn syrup and honey—they’ll have you crashing long before quitting time.

Salad: It’s good for you—unless it’s pasta salad. This carb bomb does double gut-building duty when it’s slathered in mayonnaise or another fat-filled dressing. Make your own salad at the salad bar, and fill it with vegetables and fiber-filled beans. Top with balsamic vinegar for a lunch you won’t feel bad about.

Yogurt: Few things are as nutritious, or convenient, as a container of yogurt for breakfast or a snack. But “fruit on the bottom” means sugar everywhere—it can pack 90 percent more sweet stuff. Opt instead for Dannon Light 'n Fit Carb & Sugar Control Yogurt to get the protein in a calorie bargain.

*information above provided by Mens Health

Like anything, moderation/balance, and portion are key. Just because something is good, doesn't mean it is good for you in large doses. You can have fun + eat your cake too, just be sensible, educate yourself, realize you truly are what you eat, and workout with a disciplined strategy!


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