Practicing Leadership

This past year, a great mentor and friend, Dr. Art Shriberg, gave me the honor to harness my passion for leadership, writing, and creativity by inviting me to co author the next edition of his book, Practicing Leadership, Principals and Applications. He has seen me grow, encouraged, and blessed me with this project. If you run across anyone that has taken his classes, the universal responses include responses such as, "changed me, opened perspective, challenged ideas, allowed me to grow, and adjusted perception". Other comments insinuate an experience that entails not only learning from general practices, but creative techniques to inspire and build your spirit, leadership, and connect a "total experience" for implementing change in your life, education, home, business, and community. You also get to hear interesting stories of how he protested with and was arrested with Martin Luther King Jr., consulted for Ronald Regean, and many other fascinating leadership experiences. His philosophy of managing "leadership moments", can be dissected and applied to any aspect of life. If you happen to be in the an area near Xavier University, I highly suggest you seek this rarity out before he retires. I look forward to teaming up with him and his team (David Shriberg and Richa Kumari) more in the future on other leadership initiatives, books, articles, and projects.

Brian Siegel


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